Monday, September 14, 2009


Just sent the email to the broker from my local REIA, re MLS searches and such. Fear is such an overwhelming force with me sometimes, I need to beat the living tar out of it with a stick. LOL

Will keep you updated when I hear back from him......




I just received an email back from this guy -saying that I've been reported to The Internet Crime Center, the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Assistance! This is ridiculous! I just called and left a message on his voice mail saying that my email to him was legitimate. What in the world???? I'm speechless. When/if he calls back, I am NOT going to work with this guy. You don't send out emails to people like this.

I guess I'll be walking into a Keller Williams office this week....have to arrange it around feeding the kitties first....

Good grief!!!!


  1. What in the world?!?! I don't get it.


  2. Oh, yeah, definitely NEXT! LOL

    I was sooo incensed when I called and left him a message. I could hardly get my words out I was so freaking mad.

    Still scratching my head over this.....

  3. Wow, that sounds like a Realtor with problems

  4. I posted the email that I sent over on Flipping Homes, just to get some insight as to whether I did something wrong in writing my email??? I still don't get it, but I'm not dwelling on it really...just want to make sure that if I made a mistake that I won't inadvertently do it again.