Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another lead in the pipeline

Got a call from the gentleman that called last week (the one I used the Carmax analogy with) and I'll be meeting him on Friday to look over the property. I sense some motivation, as I found out that there is a mortgage on the property, and he is the one who is paying on it, plus he indicated that the house needs work.

Also as an aside, the other gentleman (the one I thought was essentially a dead deal) called to say that they received a letter inviting them to a meeting regarding a potential medical building that is going to be built at the old mill site. I'm wondering if this is going to be some type of eminent domain type of situation..remember that one out of CT, and it was upheld by the Supreme Court? The town in CT (I think it was CT) exercised eminent domain and sold the land to a developer. Anyway, I told him I would put the option contract in the mail today and if it was something they would want to consider to let me know.

Things are rolling along!


  1. keep it up Ingrid! I'm racing you to the first deal. You may not realize it but you are in a race..hehe

  2. Thanks, Scott and Shae! Definitely a good race, Scott! Looking forward to seeing who closes the first deal! :)

  3. Ingrid, what's the latest and greatest? I'm chompin' at the bit here ya know? LOL!

  4. Sorry about the delay in replying to your comment, Shae. :) I did manage to post today, however...pretty much status quo, but now that the computer is working again, it's back to business tomorrow. :)