Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back from hiatus

I guess I put myself on hiatus for almost a month...

It has not been a fun month...lots of juggling going on....and a big, huge cash crunch (when you have to borrow your son's birthday money for gas, that qualifies as a huge cash crunch in my book).

I did call back the one lead from my last post, and he gave me the number of his uncle who lives locally for me to contact so I could get a look at the place. I did not call the uncle, however, because I did not have enough gas in my van (even with borrowing my son's birthday money) to get to where the house is....sigh....so I'm going to call this week, now that I have a full tank of gas, lol, and see what the story is.

Also, if you could please pray for an online friend of mine, I would be so thankful. Her name is Jenn and she has an adopted daughter, Yan, from Hong Kong who has Down Syndrome. She lost just about everything in the flood in Nashville from this past weekend. :( Yan is taking it very hard - "home" was her safe place, her security, and now that it's gone, she is having trouble coping. They were staying at a neighbor's house on higher ground during the flood, as they were not able to drive out of the neighborhood - poor Yan just kept signing "home" (she uses sign language to communicate). I am heartbroken for both of them. :( Please keep them in your thoughts.

That's about all for now....going to work on a plan now that I have some cash flow and see about more probate mailings.